This made my tummy reeeeeal happy. Baked falafel & hummus salad with carrot & spinach (takeaway) from the forever friendly @staplefoods in Temple Bar. Their new falafel recipe is magical. βœ¨πŸ‘Œ #vegan #dubljn #vegandublin #veganstudent #falafel #hummus #salad #staplefoods (at Staple Foods)

I am for real having a moment with this salad. Spinach, red onion, red kidney beans, chickpeas & avocado with balsamic dressing. #vegan #vegetarian #salad #healthy

Oh baby. #strawberries #alpro #vegan

An absolute mess of vegetables. Quinoa, green lentils, baby courgettes, baby corn, spinach, red onion, red & green pepper, peas, green beans, chickpeas & butterbeans with vegetable gravy. βœ… #vegan #vegandublin

Spinach, pineapple, linseed & orange juice. I think I need to go shopping. 😳 #vegan #greensmoothie

Hi guys!Β 

I made this video as part of my final year project at University. I briefly touch on some points about dairy alternatives and would love to get a discussion going or if you guys have any feedback/thoughts/comments, just send ‘em my way or leave them in a YouTube comment!Β 

I would have loved to make a bigger & better video than this but unfortunately, time got ahead of me so I hope I still got my point across!

Thanks guys :)Β 

Jess x

Buckwheat pasta, whole green lentils, tesco meat free bolognese mix & a sprinkle of sesame seeds! So cool. Loving buckwheat. #vegan #vegansofig

Dins from a few weeks ago. Vegetables & quinoa. Yay #vegan

Cinnamon & raisin bagel with soy butter & Pukka peppermint & nettle ‘cleanse’ tea (caffeine free). Yum. #vegan

Oreo brownies. Yuh. Recipe here! πŸ‘‰ 😜 #vegan #brownies

Quinoa breakfast! Quinoa with added warm soy milk & a teaspoon of peanut butter, topped off with some seeds & fruit. πŸ˜† #vegan #quinoa #breakfast

Yep. @ssov have done it again! 😍 #vegan #veganlondon (at Vx)

Pretty much the only picture I got of this cosy spot in Camden where @cookiesandscreambakery have the sweetest treats. The welcoming & friendly lady who served us was the cherry on top of the wonderfully vegan cake! 😊 #vegan #veganlondon (at Cookies and Scream)

Went on a little trip to London & revisited this lovely lounge @inspiralled where they produced this bad boy of a vegan breakfast. Amazing. Camden is awesome. #vegan #veganlondon (at inSpiral Lounge)

QuestionWhen you switched to being a Vegan, did you notice any changes in your health?? Answer

Hello :)

Nothing major, unless I start to get lazy & eat vegan junk food. Then I start to feel physically ill because my body isn’t used to it.

I went through a little phase of not having a lot of energy, which is when I had to step up my game & start being kinder to my body. Apart from that, I’ve never encountered any health problems being vegan. I’m vegan nearly 2 years now so I can only speak from my own short experience of it but overall I feel really healthy. I generally have good skin and enough energy. I’m very rarely sick too so I guess for me, it’s been a positive experience in terms of my health.